Wealth and Finance International FinTech Award: SDCC named “Best Digital Valuation Solution Provider for 2023”

1. September 2023


We are thrilled to announce the news that SDCC, formally XVA Blockchain, has been named the “Best Digital Valuation Solution Provider for 2023” at this year’s Wealth and Finance International FinTech Awards. It is an incredible honor that recognize our commitment to providing innovative digital solutions to make OTC transactions easier and safer for businesses worldwide through Smart Derivative Contracts Clearing. We are committed to continuing to provide the best digital financial solutions.

About the Award

The Wealth and Finance International FinTech Awards returned this year. For the seventh time, this award recognizes individuals and companies that cause a stir in the FinTech industry.

FinTech has changed everyday life as we know it. With more people accessing the internet every day than ever before, FinTech applications have become an integral part of modern businesses. In today’s digital age, running a successful FinTech company requires innovations that are constantly evolving.

It is precisely this innovation that is crucial for FinTech. FinTech’s power is growing exponentially, and it’s an industry with no plans to slow down. With experts forecasting the industry to reach $174 billion this year alone, FinTech’s business outlook looks positive and the team at Wealth and Finance International is honored to recognize the leaders in the space.

FinTech is exciting, ever-changing and inevitable, and as an alternative to the norm, FinTech has been a welcome change from traditional banking practices. This is a booming industry created through strategic partnerships and investments. From everyday consumers to international companies, FinTech has the opportunity to impact all aspects of life.

SDCC “Best Digital Valuation Solution Provider” 

SDCC, formally XVA Blockchain, has been named the “Best Digital Valuation Solution Provider for 2023” at this year’s Wealth and Finance International FinTech Awards.

Smart Derivative Contract Clearing (SDCC) is the world’s first DeFi clearing house, offering B2B data reporting for brokerage, asset management, and custody. 

In 2021 DZ Bank entered into the Worlds’ first production SDC with Bayern LB using XVA Blockchain’s platform, soon followed by the second SDC in 2022 between DZ Bank and Union Investment.

The Smart Derivative Contract (SDC) is a financial product that was conceived and developed over 3 years.  It is now ready for deployment.

SDCs are an important evolution of the standard OTC Derivative contract as they support intra-day margining and automatic default management.   Central clearing houses are becoming the new ‘too big to fail’ institutions, raising concern amongst regulators and market participants.  SDCs, in addition to their low capital costs and operational simplicity, provide a solution to the CCP concentration risk issue by providing an alternative to central clearing or costly bilateral OTC trading.

The SDC is a standard OTC derivative transaction that incorporates intra-day settlement of cashflows and margin.

In addition, the SDC contains a fully deterministic termination to remove many of the inefficiencies in collateralized OTC derivative transactions.  The automatic termination embedded within the smart contract replaces the counterparty default with an option right of the counterparty.


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